radio royaal eindhoven

radioroyaal.beradioroyaal.beradioroyaal.beradioroyaal.bea year ago I accidentally came across Radio Royaal while visiting the Dutch Design Week 2011 in Eindhoven. The small neon sign on top of the old machine room of the Philips factory was not giving away much on what was to be expected inside. It was a pleasant surprise. Black and white tiled floors mixed with teal colored machinery and Dutch primary school furniture. And good coffee.

During that first visit Radio Royaal was not completely done. The restaurant had a sort of ‘permanent-pop-up’ feel to it: everything was served in paper, the heating was not working yet and they had a very simple kitchen set up and a small menu. But what they had, was of high quality.

This year Radio Royaal looked even better. They now have a very professional open kitchen situated near the entrance of the building and you can have both lunch and diner here. What hasn’t changed is the amazing atmosphere. When I visited the place last October, it was packed with people and even though the restaurant is housed in such a big building, it still felt cozy inside.

By the way, the owners of Radio Royaal are the same guys who are behind very successful restaurant Hotel de Goudfazant in Amsterdam.

photos by Radio Royaal




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