style like u

most fashion blogs tend to make me feel like I need new clothes. I try to ignore all the wish lists and must haves, but often fail miserably. All that shiny newness of the clothes makes my own wardrobe feel blunt and outdated. Even if it really is not. Fortunately, there are blogs around that cover the topic of fashion, but focus more on personal style than on buying stuff. One example of such a blog is Style Like U.

Style Like U interviews people that have a unique sense of style. They film them inside their own home while showing the viewers a peek into their closets. You have to ignore the occasional “OMG, that is amazing” from the person behind the camera, but other than that these videos are often a pleasure to watch. The focus is always on the things that are loved and cherished, and it is good to see that most of the time those things have been worn quite extensively. I find that watching these interviews makes me appreciate the clothes I have even more.

Don’t forget to watch the video above. It is one of my favorites, starring Leslie Arfin (writer of HBO’s Girls). I love girls with glasses.

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