girls with glasses

since the tender age of six I have had to wear glasses. At first, I didn’t mind. I loved pink and my parents were smart enough to buy me my first frames in that particular color. I thought I looked very cute. My very first sartorial misjudgement, but hey, I was six.

As I became older and developed a somewhat better sense of style, my eyesight became worse and worse. I started to wear contact lenses. I still do, but I also need a pair of glasses on the side. If only to find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night (in the dark you see absolutely nothing with -10.00 on both eyes).

Since a year or three, I’ve started wearing my glasses outdoors again. Yes, I also became a victim of the nerdy glasses trend. Truth be told, no contact lens can do for my eye sight what my faithful black rimmed glasses can do. So when it became hip to wear big black glasses I immediately (ok, not immediately. I’ve never been an innovator or even an early adopter. Let’s call myself early majority) jumped on the bandwagon. And I’m still on it.

Even though I’m happy with my glasses, there are days I simply don’t feel them. It is on those days that I turn to my computer and google ‘girls with glasses’. Looking at all the cool girls wearing their frames with pride makes me feel happy again about wearing mine. I choose to overlook the fact that on most of the images the girls are not wearing prescribed glasses. It really is not the same. Prescribed glasses make your eyes look tiny and do a funny thing with your head (it makes it look smaller where the glasses cover it).

Sometimes though, I find inspiration from girls that actually need to wear glasses. Take for instance Lucy Chadwick. She is filmed here by photographer Todd Selby. Please forget for a moment that this video is paid by a very big brand of fast fashion and just enjoy the loveliness that is Lucy. Wearing her glasses.



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