design 4 alioutfit.tumblr.comI discovered this great tumblr today through that I wanted to share here. Meet Ali. Ali lives in Berlin and is said to own over 80 different suits. He works at a tailor and is snapped in his great outfits by a girl who works at a coffee shop on route to this work.

what Ali wore

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options 1options 4options 2options 5options 3I love Amsterdam. I never lived there, but I did everything else there: study, work, shop and party. Luckily, my front door is only a fifteen minute train ride away from Amsterdam’s Central Station. Only downside: not living in Amsterdam means I have to enter the city via the Damrak or the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. Both are busy streets with tram lines, tourists and loads of loud shops and restaurants aiming to lure in those tourists. Not the Amsterdam I like. But something has changed for the better. Since 2012 concept store Options (it is also a cafe and is connected to design hotel The Exchange) has opened its doors on the Damrak. Conveniently located between the train station and fancy warehouse the Bijenkorf, Options comes to the rescue if all the visual and literal noise from the street is making you in need of some tranquility.

In the shop you’ll find beautiful stationary that gives Muji a run for its money, fashion for both adults and babies, sturdy backpacks from it-brand Herschel, fashion magazines, books and of course ‘design’ souvenirs for those tourists I spoke about earlier. The cafe serves fresh food to eat in or take away and they even have a small terrace for when the sun is shining.

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it has been quiet here for too long due to this annoying flue that I can’t seem to get rid of. On the upside, being stuck at home gave me plenty of time to finally watch all those movies and documentaries that I had saved for a lazy sunday. Among them, this documentary on Hermes that gives insight into how all those beautiful leather goods are made: by hand and with the utmost care and knowledge. Here is craftsmanship for you.

Michael Hecken founder of Grace e-Motorbikes Michael Hecken founder of Grace e-Motorbikesfound these photos on Freunden von Freunden this morning and had to share them. It is almost as if the facade is photoshopped on the house, but it is really there and so is the white plaster with neon details. I guess you have to live in Berlin to be allowed to renovate a house this way.

The house belongs to Michael Hecken, founder of e-bike company Grace.

photos by Freunden von Freunden

delpopolosf.comfood trucks are common in the USA but not so much here in Europe. A shame, in my opinion. I would love to be surprised on the street by beautiful mobile restaurants like the one Del Popolo has built. It is made of an old container that has been placed on a truck and it has its own wood oven to bake pizza’s in. To know where to find Del Popolo, simply check their Twitter of Facebook for their next location.

pirate boots wornafter spending years looking at Vivienne Westwood’s pirate boots on people like Kate M., I’ve decided to live up to Westwood’s mantra: buy less, choose well and make it last. In other words: I’ve been saving up my money to finally buy a pair of black leather pirate boots. Because I’ve been lusting over these boots for over ten years I think I’ve got the choose well part covered. I had to buy less in order to save up the money, so that is settled as well. Now I have to make them last. That will be part my responsibility, and of course part Vivienne’s.

anyone has any experience with these boots, size wise? One up or done, or normal?