singles collection 1 image-4beatles ticket to rideprocul harum wither shade of paleeven though temperature wise spring is still not here, the sun has been shining almost every day. And what better way to celebrate sunshine than with some good music!

My father gave me these records a few years ago (he only listens to CD’s now). They are all original, meaning that he bought them when they came out, back in the late sixties. A week after I took them home, a fire broke out in our house. Luckily, most records survived from the flames. Besides listening to them, I also like to look at them, because of the great graphic designs.


Advertisements 4 alioutfit.tumblr.comI discovered this great tumblr today through that I wanted to share here. Meet Ali. Ali lives in Berlin and is said to own over 80 different suits. He works at a tailor and is snapped in his great outfits by a girl who works at a coffee shop on route to this work.

what Ali wore

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it has been quiet here for too long due to this annoying flue that I can’t seem to get rid of. On the upside, being stuck at home gave me plenty of time to finally watch all those movies and documentaries that I had saved for a lazy sunday. Among them, this documentary on Hermes that gives insight into how all those beautiful leather goods are made: by hand and with the utmost care and knowledge. Here is craftsmanship for you.

delpopolosf.comfood trucks are common in the USA but not so much here in Europe. A shame, in my opinion. I would love to be surprised on the street by beautiful mobile restaurants like the one Del Popolo has built. It is made of an old container that has been placed on a truck and it has its own wood oven to bake pizza’s in. To know where to find Del Popolo, simply check their Twitter of Facebook for their next location.