chris condon/PGA tourlove this interview with Bill Murray on The Talks. “People say they can’t find me. Well, if you write a good script, that is a lot harder than finding someone. It’s much harder to write a good screenplay than to find someone, so you can find someone.”

don’t forget to listen to the audio clip, it’s funny 

oh, and while you’re at it: read this



gentlewoman.comlooking forward to this weekend because I finally have some time to read the latest issue of amazing magazine The Gentlewoman. As the counterpart of Fantastic Man, The Gentlewoman was founded by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom. While the first is solely about inspiring men, the latter has creative women as its subject.

I always love their covers: black and white photographs of beautiful women framed in unexpected colors. Jop van Bennekom is The Gentlewoman’s creative director and as such responsable for its characteristic style.