photography 4 alioutfit.tumblr.comI discovered this great tumblr today through that I wanted to share here. Meet Ali. Ali lives in Berlin and is said to own over 80 different suits. He works at a tailor and is snapped in his great outfits by a girl who works at a coffee shop on route to this work.

what Ali wore

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Advertisements 1 Brooklyn Art 3bookshelf porn. Quite possible one of the best blogs around. Needs no further explanations, simply go there, enjoy what you see for a while, turn of your computer and finally start reading that book that has always been there but has never been opened.

photos 2005 until 2011 I commuted to work by train daily. Best thing to do while on a train? Eavesdropping other people’s conversations. No, I’m kidding. Best thing is to try to escape banal reality by reading beautiful stories put to paper by smart and creative people.

New Yorker Ourit Ben-Haim documents people riding the New York underground whilst reading. She snaps a picture of them and posts the results daily on her website. But never without asking for the titles of the books her subjects are reading. Ben-Haim then links every photo to library search engines for if you would like to borrow the book from a library near you and to amazon, for those who don’t borrow but buy.